eDiscovery tailored to Commercial Litigation

Discovery is painful, expensive, and confusing.
We own the unavoidable so you can prevail.

Industry Expertise
Concierge-level service
simple fee structure

CDE specializes in construction litigation. Our team of
experts at CDE speaks the language of construction,
from understanding your project software to mirroring
your project file.

The Discovery Experts (TDE) is a concierge-level provider of technology and eDiscovery services, dedicated to assisting you with your construction, energy, and commercial litigation needs. TDE boasts a highly skilled team of expert technologists and seasoned former litigators who are poised to expertly navigate through every facet of the eDiscovery process with you.

EDE specializes in energy litigation. Our team of
experts at EDE excels in energy litigation, including
complex oil and gas disputes.

eDiscovery can be painful, expensive and confusing

  • Overwhelmed when facing
    eDiscovery alone?
  • Frustrated by vendors that promise industry expertise, but can't deliver?
  • Irritated by the lack of quality service?
  • Surprised by huge, unexpected bills?

Transform your painful eDiscovery process, into a powerful competitive advantage.


You deserve a vendor that speaks your language.
Founded out of frustration with generic eDiscovery vendors, TDE offers specialization in Construction, Energy and Commercial litigation.

Concierge-Level Service

You need a teammate that you can depend on. Our team of law experts & technologists is committed to providing unparalleled support to our clients.

Simple Fee Structure

You should never pay for data you don’t use. That’s why we don’t charge you until review. Unlike other vendors that try to nickel and dime you, TDE provides a simple, transparent fee structure that is free of unpredictable bills and surprise charges. Our dedicated team collaborates with you each month to develop strategic forecasts, empowering you to proactively plan for your future expenses and spending needs.

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Hear what our clients have to say
about The Discovery Experts:

“We are pleased with CDE's work. This company is a pleasure to work with-- so organized!”

-Partner at

Top Construction Law Firm

“The CDE folks have been worth their weight in gold”

-General Counsel at ENR Top 5 Construction Company

“I could not be any more complimentary of your team. Every matter I am involved in, CDE has done a great job. They are truly the absolute best at what they do.”

-Partner at

Top Construction Law Firm

“We are pleased with CDE's work. This company is a pleasure to work with-- so organized!”

-Partner at

Top Construction Law Firm

“The CDE folks have been worth their weight in gold”

-Partner at

Top Construction Law Firm

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Your go-to teammate for expertise in technology and efficiency.

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Select a time for our experts to conduct a complimentary evaluation of available data. We are committed to understanding your frustrations and gaining insight into your goals.

Develop an Expert Strategy

Our team of experts will create a customized plan to reduce costs, while uncovering the evidence you need to win.

Eliminate Headaches

Allow our world class technology, in-depth reporting, and concierge service to transform eDiscovery from a constant pain into a competitive advantage.

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See how The Discovery Experts
reduced costs by $726,432.

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eDiscovery is painful, expensive and confusing

To navigate the unavoidable process, it’s essential to partner with a reliable eDiscovery vendor that you can depend on. Yet, finding such a partner can be a challenge.

Our co-founders, Brett Lamb and Lauren Abeyta, once shared your frustration. Brett, as a former General Counsel at an ENR Top 20 Company, despised eDiscovery after receiving surprise bill after surprise bill from various vendors. Lauren, having spent years in the eDiscovery consulting world, shared a similar disdain for untrustworthy vendors. United by a common dislike, they agreed there must be a better solution.

That's how The Discovery Experts was born.

Having personally experienced the headaches of eDiscovery, Brett and Lauren committed to creating a company that values concierge-level service and eliminates headaches for the client. Their mission: to guide clients seamlessly through the unavoidable process of eDiscovery. Here's how it works: our team of experts will assess your data, develop a customized plan and walk you through every step of the eDiscovery process with unwavering support. Schedule a free evaluation today—Reclaim your time and energy to focus on winning, while we handle the rest.