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Going above and beyond:

How Our Client Saved $330,000
Thanks to Construction Discovery Experts’
‍Unwavering Commitment to Service

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The client faced a complex challenge: an internal database for custodian collections required careful handling. Due to information governance policies, data for one custodian was not available.  There were 2 options: either collect every employee’s email box for all communications with the custodian or apply a time-consuming and budget-busting extensive search term protocol. Not only was the data size for a full collection unmanageable, but also beyond the client's allocated budget.

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Furthermore, navigating
the intricacies of the search functionality alone was unfamiliar and daunting.

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The task of collecting every single inbox within the internal database presents a significant financial challenge for the client. This is primarily due to the sheer volume of data involved. Imagine the numerous emails, attachments, and correspondence stored in each employee's inbox across the entire organization. Accumulating and processing such an extensive amount of data demands considerable resources, both in terms of time and financial investment.

On the other hand, the search term functionality introduces its own set of complexities. While it offers a potentially more efficient approach, it can be intimidating for several reasons. The process entails formulating and applying intricate search terms to pinpoint specific information within the vast expanse of data. Crafting these terms requires an in-depth understanding of the content, context, and potential variations of language used in the emails. Any missteps in selecting or implementing the search terms might lead to incomplete results or even the omission of crucial data. Navigating this tool demands a level of expertise and familiarity that can’t be mastered over night. This lack of experience can result in inefficiencies, errors, or suboptimal outcomes, further emphasizing the need for careful consideration and meticulous execution.

Navigating this tool demands a level of expertise and familiarity that can’t be mastered over night

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The client turned to Construction Discovery Experts for answers. Our Project Manager swooped in, deploying a proactive approach that turned the situation around. Collaborating closely with the client, we adeptly modified the search term protocol to work within the limitations of O365, while collecting the required data. Once the changes received the client's seal of approval, the CDE team leveraged their profound knowledge of the client’s internal database environment to implement the tailored terms. The process was a dynamic one, as the terms were fine-tuned continuously until the client was happy with the results. After satisfying the client, the collections were exported and moved into CDE’s managed review tool.

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The result? An astounding $330,000 saved in our client’s eDiscovery costs, a testament to the team’s dedication and ingenuity. Our ability to address challenges head-on, explore creative solutions, and provide concierge-level service showcases not only proficiency, but also CDE's commitment to going the extra mile.

In an industry where eDiscovery processes are painful, expensive and confusing, CDE's philosophy ensures that clients remain at the heart of their service. The exceptional service delivered by the team at Construction Discovery Experts alleviated the need for costly data ingestion. Instead, they offered the client a meticulously crafted workflow that aligned precisely with their requirements.

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An astounding
$330,000 saved
in our client’s eDiscovery costs

About CDE:

Construction Discovery Experts (CDE) is a full-service eDiscovery concierge built to address the pain, frustration, rising costs, and confusion that construction practitioners face in today’s litigation. Unmatched in attention to detail, service, and efficiency, the CDE team guides their clients in all aspects of eDiscovery, while maximizing their time and resources.