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An AI Success Story:

Revolutionizing eDiscovery
for Cost-Conscious Clients

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In the intricate realm of construction-related legal matters, clients are faced with challenging decisions, massive bills and limited resources to solve problems. In this case, our cost-averse client found themselves grappling with an overwhelming load of data.

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Furthermore, navigating
the intricacies of the search functionality alone was unfamiliar and daunting.

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Traditionally, legal counsel has called on managed review teams to scrutinize each email and assess its relevance within legal parameters. In this case, opting for a managed review team to examine all 10,000 documents would be an exceedingly time-consuming and costly endeavor. Such a comprehensive review would require significant human resources, meticulous attention to detail, and a substantial amount of time. Consequently, this approach would leave the client with significant expenses as well. The complexity and sheer volume of data make the prospect of an exhaustive review not only labor-intensive, but also financially burdensome.

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Recognizing the client’s panic, our team of experts sprang into action. Instead of adhering to conventional practices, the company proposed a revolutionary solution - an AI-driven review system. By implementing this technology on a small dataset, they showcased the incredible potential for efficiency and accuracy that AI brings to the table. Just like trusting Amazon to recommend “Other Products You May like,” AI-Driven review is able to recommend the most important and relevant documents, while slashing the costs and time requirements of human reviewers.

But our dedication to providing concierge-level service didn't stop there. Not content with just an internal solution, the Construction Discovery Experts team went a step further by initiating discussions with opposing parties. This open dialogue ensured that all parties were on the same page, instilling confidence in the methodology and alleviating any concerns.

Instead of adhering to conventional practices,
the company proposed a revolutionary solution -
Review System

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The result? An astounding $330,000 saved in our client’s eDiscovery costs, a testament to the team’s dedication and ingenuity. Our ability to address challenges head-on, explore creative solutions, and provide concierge-level service showcases not only proficiency, but also CDE's commitment to going the extra mile.

In an industry where eDiscovery processes are painful, expensive and confusing, CDE's philosophy ensures that clients remain at the heart of their service. The exceptional service delivered by the team at Construction Discovery Experts alleviated the need for costly data ingestion. Instead, they offered the client a meticulously crafted workflow that aligned precisely with their requirements.

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...the client was able to slash their
review costs by an astounding

About CDE:

Construction Discovery Experts (CDE) is a full-service eDiscovery concierge built to address the pain, frustration, rising costs, and confusion that construction practitioners face in today’s litigation. Unmatched in attention to detail, service, and efficiency, the CDE team guides their clients in all aspects of eDiscovery, while maximizing their time and resources.