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CLE Course:

Check your Chats: How Texts & Emails Fuel Disputes

Here's what to expect:

Exploring the significance of digital footprints in the context of professional communication

Examining real-world cases where text messages and emails played a crucial role in legal disputes

Providing practical tips and best practices for avoiding similar errors in your own communication

Offering eDiscovery insights and proactive strategies for mitigating risks within project teams

The Discovery Experts:

Carolyn Southerland

Carolyn Southerland

JD - Senior eDiscovery Consultant

Lauren Abeyta

Lauren Abeyta

Chief Operating Officer

Our informative course is available either in person or virtually, and allows you to receive both
Professionalism and Ethics credit. We will take care of the CLE certification for the states of all attendees.

Please contact Lauren Abeyta for more information